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The Reading League Illinois

TRL-IL’s mission is to advance the awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-aligned reading instruction throughout Illinois. We believe all children can learn to read, and all educators are entitled to the tools and training to teach them.


  • We set forth to achieve our mission by:
  • Bridging the gap between research and practice.
  • Working to demystify and disseminate the body of multidisciplinary research explaining how people of all ages can attain literacy.
  • Providing readily accessible information and support for teachers, administrators, legislators, parents, educational institutions, and the broader community regarding maximally-effective reading instruction.
  • Building community among stakeholders to support and encourage each other to continually improve.

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Meet the Board Members

Anne Brewster
Anne BrewsterTRL IL President & Founding Member
Carol Benz
Carol BenzTRL IL Vice-President & Founding Member
Christine Pederson
Christine PedersonTRL IL Secretary & Founding Member
John Mullarkey
John MullarkeyTRL IL Treasurer & Founding Member
Amy Davis
Amy DavisTRL IL Founding Member
Candice McCarty
Candice McCartyTRL IL Board Member
Volunteer Coordinator & Regional Ambassador Leader
Christy Hott
Christy HottTRL IL Founding Member
Kellyn Sirach
Kellyn SirachTRL IL Board Member
Media/Social Media
Amanda Mullarkey
Amanda MullarkeyTRL IL Founding Member
Social Media Coordinator

Kelly Houston – Data Management

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