About Us

The Reading League Illinois

TRL-IL’s mission is to advance the awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-aligned reading instruction throughout Illinois. We believe all children can learn to read, and all educators are entitled to the tools and training to teach them.


We set forth to achieve our mission by:

  • Bridging the gap between research and practice.
  • Working to demystify and disseminate the body of multidisciplinary research explaining how people of all ages can attain literacy.
  • Providing readily accessible information and support for teachers, administrators, legislators, parents, educational institutions, and the broader community regarding maximally-effective reading instruction.
  • Building community among stakeholders to support and encourage each other to continually improve.

TRL-IL relies on membership dues and donations as our main source of funding to bring high quality reading resources and events to our state. Membership fees start at just $25 for the general public, or $10 for retired educators. Pre-service teachers can join at no cost! Please consider becoming a member today by clicking the Join Us button.

Meet the Board Members

Anne Brewster
Anne BrewsterTRL IL President & Founding Member
Carol Benz
Carol BenzTRL IL Vice-President & Founding Member
Christy Hott
Christy HottTRL IL Secretary & Founding Member
John Mullarkey
John MullarkeyTRL IL Treasurer & Founding Member
Amy Davis
Amy DavisTRL IL Founding Member
Candice McCarty
Candice McCartyTRL IL Board Member
Volunteer Coordinator & Regional Ambassador Leader
Lyndi Davis
Lyndi DavisTRL IL Board Member
Kellyn Sirach
Kellyn SirachTRL IL Board Member
Media/Social Media
Ben Zulaf
Ben ZulafTRL IL Board Member
Web Design

Kelly Houston – Data Management

Amanda Mullarky – Graphic Design

Regional Ambassadors:

Region 1 Cook County: Kelly Houston, Louise Dechovitz, Gayle Greenwald, Brenda Dulaney-Morrison, Christine Asvos, Jamie Thomas, Danielle Scartozzi

Region 2 Northern IL: Elana Gordon, Gina Sandrzyk, Pamela Swayne, Anne Peiffer, Beth Hatlen

Region 3 North-Central IL: Julia Current, Jean Forst, Staphanie Stephens, Sherri Givens

Region 4 South Central IL: Julie Schuetz, Janet Haines

Region 5 Southern IL: Lyndi Davis

Reimagine the Future of Reading

Help us bring the science of reading to every educator, parent, and child.