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The Reading League Illinois

TRL-IL’s mission is to advance the awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-aligned reading instruction throughout Illinois.  We seek to provide readily accessible training and support for teachers, administrators, legislators, parents, and the broader educational community.

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Meet the Board Members

Anne Brewster
Anne BrewsterTRL IL President & Founding Member
Carol Benz
Carol BenzTRL IL Vice-President & Founding Member
Christine Pederson
Christine PedersonTRL IL Secretary & Founding Member
John Mullarkey
John MullarkeyTRL IL Treasurer & Founding Member
Amy Davis
Amy DavisTRL IL Founding Member
Candice McCarty
Candice McCartyTRL IL Board Member
Volunteer Coordinator & Regional Ambassador Leader
Christy Hott
Christy HottTRL IL Founding Member
Lacey Wright
Lacey WrightTRL IL Founding Member
Amanda Mullarkey
Amanda MullarkeyTRL IL Founding Member
Social Media Coordinator

Reimagine the Future of Reading

Help us bring the science of reading to every educator, parent, and child.

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